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Snow Day

Why do I wake up early on snow days? Like really early, like 5:34 AM early?? We decided that Wednesday would be a 'Dougherty Day' regardless of what the Washburn School District had to say about the weather. I should have been sleeping like a baby at 5:34 but instead, I was up, checking my email and the NOAA weather alerts. By the time the sun rose, I was ready for an adventure. I found my mukluks, gloves and hopped in the car for an early morning, solo photo safari. I can't wait for Will to come home, I miss my safari companion.

From the looks of it, winter is here to stay. It's still snowing and the temperatures are going to stay in the freezing, 'better start wearing socks' territory for the foreseeable future. It's all good, as far as I'm concerned. Summer is always fun but there's nothing like standing in my warm kitchen, looking out at the snow-covered pines trees—  I feel tucked in and safe. And that's always a good thing.