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An October Afternoon At The Springs

Roald Dahl said, 'And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it'. Good advice if you ask me. I am a firm believer in magic— in the water, among the trees, in the stalwart devotion of my husband, the stars shining in the night sky, in the love for my children, the flash of a bird's wing, the exuberance of my dogs and the companionship of friends. I truly believe the whole world is revealed to us in the most minute details; our photo safaris are my way to uncover those great secrets.

I was across the stream looking at a particularly curvy branch, turned around and snapped this photo of Charlie. His mind operates at a break neck speed and I rarely catch him just sitting quietly. His reverie was broken by the arrival of George and Viv— they were in the throes of canine joy and bounded onto the scene with serious verve. George was pretty happy to have a big dog to play with, the Cavaliers are not terribly interested in romping through the woods— it messes up their perfectly coiffed coats.

The colors were more muted and monochromatic on this trip to the springs. The energy was quiet and contemplative; it almost seemed like the trees knew colder and darker days are ahead.

Everytime I go out with my camera, I ask the trees to reveal themselves, to give me a glimpse into who they are. Sometimes it is just a beautifully symmetrical whorl in the bark or roots wrapped in an embrace. Since Halloween was around the corner, it was a jack o lantern face in a piece of birch bark— it's good to know the trees have a sense of humor. The greatest secrets are indeed hidden in the most unlikely places.