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Shooting In Irvine Park

Ted and I had our wedding reception at Forepaugh's— Irvine Park and the fountain sit right below the restaurant. We lived in Lowertown for years and Jack, Will, Lucy (our naughty basset hound) and I would walk to Irvine Park and then onto Dairy Queen on West 7th. Lucy liked cake cones, Jack liked blue Mr Mistys and Will was a little man who didn't eat ice cream yet. I still can see Jack running up to the fountain and throwing acorns and sticks in it and Will, with blond hair, sitting in the stroller smiling. It was good to remember those tender days when we were starting out and realize it worked out far better than we could have dreamed back then.

I used to work at the St Paul Companies and would walk to Irvine Park on my lunch break to sit by the fountain. This is the very same bench I used to sit at when I was pregnant with Jack. I've always sought out running water, even if it meant walking 8 blocks for 10 minutes under the trees and by the fountain. I never dreamed I would have these five people in my life but I thank every lucky star I can find, every day, for them.