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The Cavaliers Go To The Beach

George and I go to the beach a lot. Sometimes, we take the Cavaliers. They are not an obvious choice for a sand, water and focused ball retrieving adventure but they each find a little something to do.

Seamus looks for a feather and once he finds it, carries it in his mouth the entire walk. If he doesn't find a feather, he attempts to retrieve the ball with George. Talk about an uneven playing field, he doesn't have a chance. I find a stick for him, throw it about 5 feet from shore and he jumps in the water and fetches it (he never give it back, he is a Cavalier after all).

Gus looks for birds to chase. Another uneven playing field. He is a little portly and has very short legs but he gamely takes off at breakneck speed after every bird he sees. Occasionally he will end up in the water. Given his body type, I think he is pretty buoyant but he is definitely not a fan of water sports and leaves the lake right away.

Henry is the one dog who can leave the beach as clean and dry as when he arrived. He sticks by my side the entire walk. He wouldn't know what to do with a stick if his life depended on it. However, he does know what to do with a knife. I came into the kitchen yesterday and he was walking around with one of my knives in his mouth.  He was holding it by the handle. The knife was covered in frosting and I think he was planning an after school snack.