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Another Sunday, Another Waterfall

We have lived in Bayfield for four years and are still discovering the wild and untouched beauty of this place. My friend, Ellen, suggested an excursion to Lost Falls in Cornucopia. Spring walks appeal to me for a couple of reasons: no flying bugs, no vegetation to speak of which means no wild animals can jump out unexpectedly and eat me and waterfalls are glorious in the spring. The sight and sound of rushing water is an instant re-set button for my spirit.

I cherish our Sunday adventures. Taking a few hours away from cell phones, tv's and computers is a beautiful pause from the usual 'hurry scurry' cadence of our lives. As we walked through the woods, I felt a profound sense of gratitude. Gratitude for my beautiful family, the benevolent energy of the trees, the new life springing up all around us and the memories we are making. The Bayfield Peninsula is proving to be a remarkable backdrop for our family story.