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Explore what it means to nourish a family and a community in a new Wisconsin Historical Society Press collection of global recipes with a Northwoods twist, Life in a Northern Town: Cooking, Eating, and Other Adventures Along Lake Superior, by chef, locavore, and author Mary Dougherty, aka The Cookery Maven.

Dougherty brings small-town heart to a farm-to-table setting through a stunning collection of recipes, stories and photos. A Twin Cities transplant to Wisconsin’s northernmost region, Dougherty ties recipes and her new Northwoods community together against a backdrop of waterfalls, Great Lakes beaches, farm stands and her quintessential small town of 487 people. A chef who is well known in the Uppermost Midwest for incorporating what is grown and raised in Wisconsin’s Bayfield Peninsula into her favorite dishes, Dougherty presents a one-of-a-kind collection of globally and regionally inspired recipes featuring local cheeses, meats, and produce—from pho made with beef bones from a farm in Mellen, Wis., to Indian meatballs with curry powder made in Washburn, Wis.
— Wisconsin Historical Society Press


“And Mary’s food—oh, her food! Inspiring, intelligent, bold—this book satisfies on so many levels.”

Beth Dooley, chef and author of “In Winter’s Kitchen”


“Mary Dougherty writes a love story that does not stop with her passion for good food made with local ingredients and influenced by global flavors. The author adds intimate glimpses at the rhythms of life in rural Bayfield, the myriad moods of Lake Superior, and the seasonal changes that redefine Apostle Island luster.”

Mary Bergin, author, “Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook” & “Roads Traveled” 


"Dougherty has created a loving tribute to Bayfield with this delicious 194-page collection of globally inspired recipes made primarily from local ingredients."

Ashland Daily Press, Hope McLeod, Aug. 3, 2017


“Proof that people can appreciate local terroir through heartfelt meals made with a conscious nod to the abundance of the land and waters around them.”

Kyle Cherek, host of Wisconsin Foodie


"It’s rare that I highlight the text in a cookbook, but Dougherty’s witty prose is as good as her recipes.”

It’s All About the Book, July 2017


"Despite already having a special affinity for the Apostle Islands and Bayfield (the spot where we honeymooned and have visited several time since), I gained a whole new layer of "LOVE" for the town.  And just maybe we all need to think about our real hometowns, little or big, in a new light.  What evening picnic surprises are we missing?  Where are our Saturday morning adventures and what favorite food can we share with neighbors and friends?"

Thoughts From Mill Street, August 2017


"The book is organized by the seasons — spring through winter — with appealing recipes, from simple to globally sophisticated, interspersed with short treatises on the sites, the people, the foods and customs of her adopted home.

And oh, the photography: luscious-looking foods, postcard-worthy scenery, animals (dogs, goats, cows) and locals."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nancy Stohs, August 29, 2017


"Her book is one I will return to again and again, as much for its winsome recipes as for its charming stories, insights and wisdom....Dougherty reminds us of how cooking creates a life and makes a home."

Star Tribune, Beth Dooley, October 4, 2017