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Saturday Morning On The Square

When we were in Madison for Jack's orientation, we spent Saturday morning on the square at the Farmer's Market (the first one of 2013). It has been a tardy and cold spring everywhere, including Southern Wisconsin, and it was slim pickings at the market but it was cheese heaven at Fromigination. I realize I tend (heavily) towards hyperbole but I love, love, love cheese and Fromagination had a thoughtfully curated collection of cheeses that put a huge smile on my face.

I wonder who hauls the buckets of sap at the sugarbush— Dean or DeLuca?

To be honest, I wasn't terribly excited to visit the Capital building but figured it was our civic duty as parents to show the kids. I'm glad I went in, it's a spectacularly elegant building.

Liberty— the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. Words to live by.

The symmetrical design was absolutely beautiful.

The way home was clearly marked.

There was so much to photograph, including an action shot of Will.

A badger stands sentry over the Supreme Court— I wonder if he's related to Honey Badger?

The highlights of the Farmer's Market were: pickled things, 'frost-kissed' spinach, flowers, cheese and bread. I can't wait to visit in July when the stands will be bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables.

These cow cookies were seriously good.

The kids were wondering why a stuffed lioness was hanging out in a shop window in Wisconsin. I couldn't come with a plausible explanation so we decided to take a photo of her and move on.

Who doesn't like hot and steamy buns?

The Teddy Tantrum Zone and pasties. I'm not clear what the two have to do with each other but like the stuffed lioness, we chalked it up to Madison wackiness and went to lunch.

There were musicians on every street corner— cellos, guitars, banjos and accordions. After a morning in Madison, I know Jack is going to have the time of his life when he leaves in September. There are so many colors, textures and experiences waiting for him around the square, it's a vibrant place for a young man to start his next chapter.