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What Happens When The Moon Doesn't Cooperate?

You get a decent shot of a windswept fishing boat in the harbor. I was on my way to feed Gen's horses when the full yellow moon caught my eye. I turned around to get my camera and headed to the lake to get a picture (I figured the horses wouldn't mind a dinner delay if it was for a good cause). I was feeling a little cocky about my moon picture-taking prowess and thought, f/11 and 1/250 was the magic ticket. Wrong-o. Maybe it was too windy, the moon was rising too fast or that it was 30 degrees below zero and I didn't have a hat or gloves on but I ended up with this less than stellar lunar image on the right. I captured the image on the left about 20 minutes later, as I was headed home after apologizing to the herd and promising to only take pictures after they've eaten. Room for growth is a good thing, right?