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New Pups In The Wolfsong Kennel

I'll let you in on a little secret— I love, and I mean love, dogs. Ever since our blue merle Collie, Oggie (as in Oggie the Doggie) came to live with me when I was about five, the deal was sealed— I was hooked. Not much has changed in the past forty years: dogs have been at my side, on my lap, under my feet, on my bed, in the front seat (with the seat heater on) and firmly secured to my heartstrings. So, when Mary called and asked if we would like to meet the newest members of the Wolfsong kennel, the answer was a no-brainer.

The cuteness factor can not be overstated—  these were some seriously sweet and adorable little ones. They were born on Mother's Day and are at the tender stage between newborn sleepiness and puppy energy.

This girl caused a little bit of chaos on her way out— she was backwards and got stuck. After a middle of the night trip to the Vet, she and her last three siblings made it into the world without any more trouble.

Will is the official Dougherty dog-wrangler and judging from the pile of pups on his chest, his wrangling skills extend to Huskies as well.

Taking it all in.

This little girl was adventurous and was the only one to wander away from the group. When she realized she had traveled about 10 feet from her litter-mates, she whimpered and high-tailed it back to the safety of her crew.

Showing his two-legged Mama some love.

In a few short weeks, they will be running, tumbling, chewing and yipping their way through the kennel. But today was all about cradling and loving eight little Siberian Huskies pups, before they grow up and take their place in the team pulling the sled. Pure sweetness.