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Fishing Tugs In Ice & Snow Irons

It snowed on Friday, enough to close school and add one more day to the end of the school year. We've had quite a few snow storms this winter and even the kids are getting sick of snow days. As I stood at the window, watching it snow sideways, I tried to conjure up reasons why an April 4th blizzard was not the end of the world. It took awhile but I came up with a few bright spots: roasted chicken in the oven, the dogs aren't covered in mud from the yard, Ted gets to use the plow truck and the quiet and suspended animation that accompany falling snow. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to the first time my skin feels a warm 70 degree breeze from the south, but there is beauty in the austere landscape of winter. Even on April 4th.

We hiked downtown to get a cup of coffee (actually a half caf latte and two hot chocolates) at Big Water, let George stretch his legs and check out the fishing tugs, locked in place by the ice and snow. It won't be long until the nets are loaded on board, the engines awake from their winter slumber and they head, through the ice floes, back into the open water. Snow storm or not, spring is on its way and I know a harbor full of boats that are ready to spring into action.