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A Grant's Point Sunset & The Madeline Island Ice Road

We've sprung forward and that means spring can't be far behind, right? I know there's one or two big, gnarly snow storms in my future but that's okay— it's only 50 days or 1,200 hours (depending on how you want to look at things) until May 1st. That's nothing. So, in honor of our impending spring and a slushy ice road— here are some shots from Arctic blast # 2 in January of the sunset from Grant's Point and an ice road crossing on a very cold and windy day.

The light on the sky over the South Channel was diffused and almost pastel— a markedly different scene than the setting sunlight over the hills on the Peninsula.

From this vantage point, the ice road had a foreboding quality— trees marking an invisible road on top of a serious amount of frozen water.

The last rays of sunshine on an Arctically inspired day hover over Bayfield. Proof positive that even when the temperatures dip into sub-zero territory, Bayfield is a gorgeous place to call home.