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Christmas Day Photo Safari

We took a Christmas photo safari this year, a first but I suspect it's going to become a tradition. Kind of like the Jimmy Dean sausage strata for brunch, opening one present on Christmas Eve and prime rib for Christmas dinner. It started to snow midway through our safari, those huge flakes that meander and float on their way down. It looked like we were inside a snow globe, absolutely perfect.


Charlie struck a mischievous pose on the first leg of our adventure. He was cold and decided photo bombing the pictures was a good way to make sure we got back into the car. It worked. We warmed up on the way to Little Sand Bay— I wanted to visit the lake on Christmas Day.

The icicles were magnificent— the rocks and picnic tables were encased in frozen tusks of Lake Superior's water.

It was a monochromatic but austerely beautiful day. We weren't there for long, it was windy and cold, but it was enough to reconnect with the lake that has become an integral part of my life. It was my favorite gift of 2012.