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Jupiter And The Waxing Moon

On my way to light the sauna last night, I glanced up and stopped in my tracks to take in the luminous beauty of the last nearly full moon of 2012 and Jupiter shining in the night sky. I went in the house (after I lit the sauna), grabbed my camera, made sure I had the right camera settings (f/11 and 1/250) and captured this image. In case you're wondering where the largest planet in the solar system is in my picture, it's that tiny spot above the moon (it's really, really far away).

A picture of the waxing moon and Jupiter (who symbolizes abundance, warmth and good fortune) was the perfect way to mark our Christmas of 2012. Next year, Jack will be 'coming home' for Christmas, I'll have two high-schoolers, one middle-schooler and Meg will be in fifth grade.  Our family is growing up and as much as I want to stop time, I'm happy to have this image and everything it symbolizes. I sincerely hope your holiday was full of the warm companionship of family and friends, a table heavy with food and wine and at least one glance towards the night sky.