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Garlic From The Market & Flowers From The Garden

In between washing the sheets, getting ready to cater two weddings, making a feeble attempt at cleaning the kitchen and mentally preparing myself to tend bar on a Saturday night— I had a little fun. Sadie and I went to the farmers market in Bayfield and there it was— heaps and piles of garlic. To say I have a thing for fresh garlic would be putting it mildly. I love, love, love fresh garlic and celebrate my love every chance I can when it is season. I practiced a little restraint yesterday and only bought a dozen or so cloves. Next weekend, I am going big— vampires beware.

My friend Jill, a self-professed Garlic Pig, loves garlic as well. She's a gardener extraordinaire and has a garden full of garlicky goodness. Scapes and cloves— the benefits of growing your own are endless. It was her birthday yesterday and I went to the garden to pick my first bouquet of the summer for her gift. I knew she didn't need garlic but flowers and wine seemed like a decent idea. I cut extra flowers and made a bouquet for myself to keep in the kitchen. As I walked in the house last night at 11 pm, tired and thankful to be home, there it was— flower love from my garden. I went to bed happy.