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Lupines, Lilacs, The Beach & A Double Rainbow

A few weeks ago, we went for a drive and this amazing field of lupines caught my eye. The vibrant purple and green literally stopped me in my tracks and I jumped out of the car to take this picture. Bayfield is awash in color. We set out to capture a little of it on an afternoon in late May.

Lilacs remind me of my parent's house— there are two huge bushes outside the kitchen windows and the fragrance was overpowering (in a good way) when they were blooming. Ted planted lilacs at our house right after we moved in five years ago. They are finally blooming and the fragrance transports me back to my Mom's kitchen.

Charlie found this green bug on the beach. It was on it's back near the water's edge and he rescued it. Don't you wonder what a bug thinks when it gets picked up? I saw A Bug's Life and lots of other Disney movies devoted to insects and I am pretty sure they don't like to be manhandled. We put him (or her) in the grass after I took the picture.

A magnificent stump on the beach. Charlie waded out to it and was looking for bugs in the water. It must have been an enormous tree at one time— I wish I knew where it came from. I walk by it every morning with the dogs and think of Charlie perched on the edge.

We have blueberry bushes and the butterflies love them. Gus, the black and tan Cavalier, loves to chase them. He camps out under the bushes and spends hours stalking them. His girth and short legs are definitely a handicap but he gamely keeps trying.

The beginning of the storm that blew in that afternoon. I was grilling after the deluge and heard the kids shouting. I ran to the front of the house expecting to find a compound fracture or a head wound but there it was— a double rainbow. As usual, Bayfield gave us a magical ending to a day spent capturing her brilliant colors.