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An Ode To George

I was in Ironwood Michigan for a swim meet with the kids three years ago and I forgot to bring snacks. A trip to the grocery store was in order. As I headed into the Super One, a poster on the community message board caught my eye— three darling little labrador puppies. I exercised some restraint and walked into the store without the phone number. My restraint beat a hasty retreat in the granola bar aisle, I paid for my groceries and wrote down the number (just in case I needed a lab puppy). After consulting the kids, I decided I needed a puppy and made the phone call. I did not, however, call Ted. First rule of healthy marital relations— always consult Ted before procuring a puppy. It all worked out in the end and George is a stellar member of the Dougherty family.

Ten reasons why George is my favorite (don't tell the Cavaliers, thank God they can't read).

1. He has a big, blocky head.

2. He knows how to open large jars of peanut butter.

3. When you ask him if he is hungry, he runs to the garbage can.

4. He likes to ride shotgun, with the seat warmer on.

5. There are at least 100 tennis balls in my house and in the yard.

6. He knows how to source his own food in the kitchen.

7. He loves Will.

8. He likes to carry around my Tory Burch Reva flats in his mouth (I think he pretends they are a duck and he is a hunting dog).

9. The beach is his idea of Nirvana.

10. He thinks 'sit' means drop the ball (sometimes).