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Traditions and Birthdays

The two girls not only share a bedroom, they nearly shared a birthday- Sadie's is February 16th and Meghan's is February 18th. This year, they decided a trip with friends to the Mall of America would be a good way to mark Sadie's thirteenth year and Meg's ninth. To be honest, the thought of spending more than 15 minutes in the Mall of America is enough to give me hives. However, the thought of my very first 'girl's weekend' with my girls (and a night at the Marquette) was enough to fortify my reserve.

Prior to departure, we needed to have a family dinner and cake served on the "You Are Special Today' plate. My Mom brought home the first 'You Are Special Today' plate about 25 years ago. Every since that day, nearly every piece of birthday cake in my family has been served on that plate. Prior to Jack's first birthday, I purchased my very own plate and we have used it ever since. Traditions are important- they offer a chance to bring the past forward and give a foundation for the future. This year, Sadie decided to eat her dinner on the red plate. I guess 'You Are Special Today' applies to dinner or dessert.

As for my first all 'girls weekend' with Sadie, Meghan and pals, it is a tradition in the making!

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