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And So It Begins

I have to tell you, writing the first blog post of your very own blog is a little mind bending. Where should I start? A funny aside about my food obsessed yellow lab, George? A touching story about taking my two daughters and their friends to Minneapolis for the weekend? A tidbit from our family archive when we took our five kids across Lake Superior, in a boat, to Isle Royale? I opted to keep it short and simple. A first blog post should be a little like cocktail party conversations- a brief overview, a funny anecdote and a promise to get together soon. Here are the players you will get to know over the course of my blogging adventure. Trust me, they are a brilliant bunch of people, critters and places.

 Ted- captain of the ship, leader of the pack and the man with a plan.

Jack (with a bearded Ted): the first-born, snowboarder extraordinaire and a true renaissance man.

Will: the second son, brilliant photographer and relatively effective dog wrangler.

  Sadie: the first daughter, math whiz and empress of the universe.

Charlie: the third son, voracious reader and master of the ski hill.

Meghan: the youngest child, strong swimmer and beautiful free spirit.

George: food and Chuck-It obsessed.

Henry, Gus and Seamus: the Three Stooges.

Wine:  "Wine is bottled poetry." Robert Louis Stevenson

Kitchen: time spent in pursuit of a beautiful meal.

Garden: quiet, restful and as close to meditating as I'll ever get.

Lake Superior: beautiful, fierce and sacred.

Bayfield: Northern Wisconsin, no stop lights and a stellar cast of characters.